Water utilisation

Gained experience and permanent education of the team members contribute to successful implementation of projects and development of studies and project documents in the field of water utilisation, as well as implementation of projects of institutional strengthening and management of water supply systems.
Our services in the water supply sector are aiming at ensuring supply of inhabitants with hygienically sound water, without time and quantity limitations.
Accomplishment of this goal is achieved through application of best practices and a combination of various experiences as well as taking into account principles of current trends in the field of water supply, which encompasses development of:
  • Master plans of water supply
  • Feasibility studies
  • Programmes and plans for institutional strengthening of waterworks and management of water supply systems
  • Studies about state of local water supply systema
  • Projects of water supply systems
  • Hydraulic models of existing and new water supply systems
  • Cadastres of underground water supply installations
  • Projects of protection of water sources including protection measures and plans for implementation of the measures and
  • Design and establishment of systems of qualitative and quantitative monitoring.
Each task related to the water supply sector and services is based on an integral approach to reaching a solution, which encompasses getting an insight into and analysis of the current situation, taking into account the general situation in the surroundings and involvement of all stakeholders, which fully ensures quality of the delivered service. 
Besides water supply-related services, our expert team can offer services related to other aspects of the water utilisation (utilisation of water power for generation of electric power and for other powering purposes, water utilisation for fish farming, navigation, sport, swimming, recreation and other purposes).

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