Water protection

In the recent years, in B&H and other countries of the region, projects of construction of sewerage systems (including wastewater treatment plant) and addressing the issue of collection of stormwater have become very topical. Since those projects require considerable funds, which cannot be ensured through budgets of local communities, a need for getting loans from development banks has occurred. However, good planning of dynamics of development of an entire wastewater system requires sound planning and project documents in which the most contemporary principles of integrated water management concept in line with the European Commission Directives are applied. 
In order to respond to those challenges "UNA Consulting" has developed and upgraded its capacities and a network of partners with experience in the sector of wastewater in order to ensure permanent education, exchange of experience and best practices (design and engineering) and cooperation (geodesy, geology, hydrology and technology of treatment facilities).
What distinguishes "UNA Consulting" is the fact that in all assignments it applies integrated approach which comprises:
  • Defining basic decisions at the beginning of a project or designing assignment (planning documents, maps, input parameters, etc.)
  • Taking into account specificity of the project area (economic development, level of environmental protection, capacities, etc.)
  • Respecting existing utility installations and other infrastructure: water supply, electric power and telecommunication installations, roads, etc; and planning and designing in line with defined development directions through spatial and urban planning (residential areas, industry, recreation and tourism)
  • Ensuring participation of all stakeholders in the project – reduction of project failure risk and delays in project implementation and obtaining of permits
  • Ensuring quality and, by timely planning, increases effectiveness and efficiency of projects
  • Reduction of unnecessary costs
  • Improvement of the image of the investor.
With an innovative, anticipatory and systematic approach, respect of EU standards and procedures and team work "UNA Consulting" offers the following consulting services from its service package "Wastewater":
  • Project preparation and development
  • Study development (wastewater collection studies and feasibility studies)
  • Designing of sewer networks (preliminary, primary, final and detailed design)
  • Designing of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP)
  • Consulting
  • Surveying of existing situation and mapping of existing systems (for cadastre of underground installations)
  • Professional supervision of all project phases (from design to handover)
  • Planning and establishment of monitoring system.
Non-conventional Wastewater Treatment Technology (NCT) 
In response to new trends and needs for construction of nonconventional facilities for treatment of wastewater for small rural and peri-urban settlements (<10’000 PE), that are sustainable and cost effective, ‘’UNA Consulting’’ has developed a service package that comprises planning, selection of treatment variant, designing, construction supervision and monitoring of test run of the nonconventional wastewater treatment facilities.
When designing wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), we apply the methodology of a multi-criteria analysis where the Employer defines basic criteria and evaluates their importance, and the Consultant, through scoring of offered design solutions according to predefined criteria, gets answer to the question Which solution variant is the most favourable for the Employer? This approach has manifold benefits for the Employer and ensures his full involvement in defining the most favourable treatment variant.

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