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The governmental sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially those institutions dealing with the issues of water and environmental protection, is facing very significant changes - from decentralisation of power, inadequate and non-harmonised legal and planning framework, lack of funds for major development and capital projects, needs and regulatory requirements related to accession to EU (or similar pre-accession activities), lack of human resources, to ongoing climate changes and technological novelties. All that makes a huge pressure on the public administration and its capacities. 
Over years of work with public and governmental organisations on improvement of good governance in the sectors of water and environmental protection, ‘’UNA Consulting’’ has developed a unique cooperation approach and a number of consulting services with comprehensive solutions that improve work of public and governmental organisations. 
By utilising gained experience and developed skills, "UNA Consulting" provides expertise in the following areas:
  • Good management of public work and rationalisation of procedures and practices
  • Project preparation and management
  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Improvement of legislation
  • Establishment of monitoring and evaluation of projects and quality of service delivery to citizens
  • Improvement of communication between public administration and civil society
  • Caring and integrated management ("New Public Management")
  • Institutional strengthening of waterworks and public utilities
  • Establishing Geographic Information System (GIS) and databases.
In the nineties of the last century, the principle of permanent and continuous personal development through learning (¨lifelong learning¨) from an idea became the orientation in private and non-governmental as well as in public/governmental sector. For that reason, the professional team of "UNA Consulting" offers methodology of transfer of knowledge and skills in the spirit of contemporary developments, which is adapted to BiH conditions. The network of our partners in country and internationally enables us to provide services in those fields and specialties that are not easily available in our market. 

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