In addition to design and consulting, supervision over the execution of works is one of the basic activities of the company.

We are ready to offer monitoring services at any time, and as our advantage we emphasize a modern approach in which the maximum integrated care is not only about the technical part of the project but also about other aspects that are important for the general public such as environmental, social, economic, institutional, aspects etc. What sets us apart today, with a gap of more than 10 years, are certainly the best references gained through the implementation of the largest projects of wastewater collection and treatment in Bosnia and Herzegovina and our expansion into the market of Southeast Europe.

We offer supervision services over the construction of infrastructural complex and less complex hydrotechnical facilities, in accordance with the regulations in BiH, but also FIDIC contract conditions, Red or Pink and Yellow Book.

Wastewater collection and treatment projects are the most complex investments that are mainly carried out by local self-government units (municipalities / cities) together with public water supply and utility companies. Financial resources for such investments are in most cases provided from various sources, among others by international financial institutions that require the application of international FIDIC contractual procedures. Our experts are trained and have many years of experience for supervision in accordance with the FIDIC Red or Pink Book, but also for supervision according to the Yellow FIDIC Book, where the approach to supervision differs significantly from traditional supervision in the following aspects:

  • Overall project management;
  • Coordination of all participants;
  • Review and approval of projects developed by contractors;
  • Supervision of construction works on the construction site;
  • Supervision of factory and pre-handover tests;
  • Coordination of commissioning;
  • Supervision of commissioning and trial operation;
  • Verification of plant operation and performance results;
  • Support during the warranty period;
  • Analysis of security aspects;
  • Coordination of safety at work;
  • Operator training.

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