Solid waste management

Over the last 10 years in Bosnia and Herzegovina there have been intensive activities on establishing systems of regional solid waste collection. Experience and lessons learnedin the process of establishing and building of regional sanitary landfills for permanent waste disposal, indicate the need for a comprehensive approach in addressing this issue, as well as enforcement of European Directives and laws in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 
In accordance with modern trends in solid waste management, "UNA Consulting" renders the following consulting and engineering services:
  • Development of waste management feasibility studies
  • Designing of sanitary waste disposal sites and supervision of construction of sanitary waste disposal sites and transfer stations
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) support in processes of establishment and maintenance of self-sustainable solid waste management systems.
In order to provide solid waste management projects of high quality, ‘’UNA Consulting’’ disposes of an extensive database (studies, cadastres, plans, maps, digital maps and databases, digital ground models).
A special imperative is reduction of waste quantity, i.e. its separation and recycling in order to bring minimum quantity of waste to the landfill ensuring economic sustainability of the entire process.
We proved to our clients that with our support they can achieve an added value and develop their capacities and capacities of their employees. With savings and prevention of loss of precious time, the final result is job well done, client’s content and safe environment for generations to come.

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