Project management

Realisation of each project is preceded by preparation, planning and approval. Only after approval of financing, we start the realisation. Our team of experts is ready to offer services for both the preparation and planning phase and the implementation phase of large infrastructure projects of water supply and collection and treatment of wastewater,, which are currently the most interesting for out clients, so that the clients, in lieu of own capacities, can handle those multidisciplinary and comprehensive projects. 

Project preparation comprises:

  • Data gathering
  • Technical-economic analysis and development of necessary documents
  • Finding of adequate funding sources
  • Development of project proposals according to instructions of financial institutions
  • Applying for funding from various funds.

Upon approval of funding by various international institutions such as development banks (EIB, EBRD, KfW, WB), responsible state ministries and funds, EU fund and bilateral funds (SDC, SIDA, USAID, GTZ, JICA), starts the project implementation. In order to successfully implement the projects and in accordance with contracts and agreements made with financial institutions, it is necessary to ensure good project management.

In areas where environmental protection, sustainable development and infrastructure development are various aspects of one entirety, "UNA Consulting" has a wide spectre of options to provide support to its clients through entire life span of their projects.

Investigations and work on the water and environmental governance improvement are a part of a holistic approach and are a trademark for project management and services provided by "UNA Consulting" to its clients – municipalities, cantons and sector institutions(waterworks, public utilities, etc.).



Support to clients

Technical support services provided by "UNA Consulting" for development projects of construction of communal infrastructure comprise the following elements:

  • Development of project fiche and project proposals
  • Development of terms of reference which define client’s needs and translation into specific procedures, requirements and forms demanded by given conditions
  • Support in selection of contractors, consulting engineers and other service providers, including support in carrying out tender procedure in line with requirements of a financial institution (EU, WB, KfW, etc.) and contracting in line with the said requirements (FIDIC)
  • Monitoring of works execution/service provision and financial administration
  • Verification of executed works.

Capacity of providing various services enables "UNA Consulting" to ensure application of functional, technical, environmental and financial aspects in all its fields of activity. An advantage of "UNA Consulting" is excellent knowledge of the situation in the sector, vicinity to clients, permanent follow-up of activities in the sector, knowledge of procedures of financial institutions and knowledge of the English and German language. 


Project management comprises all organisational skills and techniques directed towards realisation of a project.


Project management comprises knowledge of the following and the following capacities:

  • Integration of organisation – It is a coordination of different elements of a project. It is facilitated by standardisation of project organisation methods.
  • Organisation of scope and content – It takes care that the set goals are achieved. It does not only take care of the orientation towards preset goals, but has a special task to introduce necessary detachment from the goals that crystallized during the project as well as implementation of superior plans.
  • Time organisation – It reviews the time aspect of all goal groups included. Therein, a project plan serves as a communication means.
  • Quality management - In project management, it implies process standardisation, documenting of works and results as well as respective management measures.
  • Management of resources – It implies effective distribution of resources according to characteristics of available capacities on terms of reference as well as team development.
  • Organisation of communication – Takes 50% of project work and puts all the involved and affected in one group. It also deals with crisis management.
  • Risk management – In project management it comprises risk analysis, preventive measures and measures for the event of crisis. It is extremely important in complex projects.
  • External organisation – It is related to integration and joint work of partners and suppliers.

Services of "UNA Consulting" related to project management comprise assistance, advising and coordination of services demanded by the client in order to implement complex projects with minimum risk of exceeding budget and time frames. These services comprise all relevant issues: legal, administrative, communication, facilitation, engineering and financial, and can be applied to management and development of public utilities and waterworks and to management of development projects and large-scale communal infrastructure projects.

For projects in the field of water supply, drainage and wastewater treatment and environmental protection, "UNA Consulting" can provide on request all kinds of additional specialized engineering services.

Services of "UNA Consulting" in this field can be arranged in the form of a lump sum contract on annual basis. Such a contract enables permanent support of expert team of "UNA Consulting" to the client (e.g. municipality, waterworks, public utility, etc.) who signs such a contract to define consulting and engineering services.

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