Flood control

Nowadays it has become clear that the principle of "fight against floods" that was applied so far must be replaced by the principle of "living with floods". It is the new integral concept of flood control, which fits into the concept of sustainable development supported by the European Commission through its legislation. Namely, it has been definitely confirmed that an absolute flood control cannot be achieved and that floods should be accepted as a part of our reality.
"UNA Consulting" offers to its clients a new approach in flood risk management, which is in line with the present national and international sector regulations.
Such an approach is based on the basic principle of overall monitoring of a watershed and reaching optimal solutions through anticipating spatial planning measures and respect of ecological characteristics of watercourses. Priorities of such an approach are the following:
  • Maintenance of watercourses
  • Spatial measures and urban planning-technical conditions
  • Retention basins
  • Structural protection from high water: construction of protection structures.
Benefits for investors from such an approach are the following:
  • Improved spatial planning
  • Reduction of damages on structures, infrastructure, agricultural land, etc.
  • Regulation of construction conditions in certain flooding areas
  • Flood risk maps are integral part of spatial planning documents
  • Maps for issuance of approvals, permits and concessions
  • Maps for development of various study and project documents.
After comprehensive and multi-criteria consideration of the issue of high water and damages caused by it, we develop the following documents:
  • Flood event documentation (present and historical)
  • Phenomena maps
  • Maps of flooding areas and flooding intensity
  • Flood threat maps and flooding risk maps
  • Deficit and potential analysis
  • Assessment and analysis of damages caused by high water
  • Concept of flood control measures
  • Project of watercourses regulation
  • Projects of watercourses naturalisation.
Besides flood management, we can offer services related to watercourses regulation, design of protection and regulation structures as well as other services related to protection from adverse effects of water, including planning, development and establishment of monitoring system.

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