Equal Opportunities


Una Consulting Ltd. fully upholds the corporate responsibility that embraces equal opportunities and gender equality, including women’s empowerment.

To ensure that knowledge, skills and competences of all our employees is valued and utilised regardless of age, gender identity, disabilities, ethnicity, marital status, etc., Una Consulting Ltd. is committed to:

  • Build inclusive work environment by enhancing a culture of inclusion in which individual differences are respected;
  • Take into account the particularities pertaining to all genders while aiming at eliminating inequalities and addressing any potential gender gaps i.e. any disparity in condition or position in the company between any person regardless of the gender;
  • Demonstrate behaviour and conduct within the company that reflects the society we would like to see for our employees and fellow citizens;
  • Assure zero tolerance to any form of intimidation, bullying, or harassment along disciplining those that breach this policy;
  • Sustain and maintain a workplace where all feel safe and secure.

We continue treating all our employees equally and with respect and foster great performance, regardless of gender and other characteristics.

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