Environmental policy

Una Consulting Ltd. is aware of our environmental impacts and it accepts that people and organisations at all levels have obligations to act responsibly both in our lives and in our businesses. Our Environmental Policy outlines our business's aims and principles in relation to managing environmental impacts and aspects of our business operations in a responsible way.

Una Consulting Ltd. is committed to:

  • Considering environmental issues in all our business activities, including procurement decisions for goods and services
  • Complying with applicable environmental legislations;
  • Effectively managing our environmental impacts and continually seeking to improve our environmental performance;
  • Efficiently using water and energy and giving preference to renewable sources of energy and materials wherever possible;
  • Minimising pollution and waste by reducing consumption and developing effective waste-management and recycling procedures;
  • Maximising use of biodegradable chemicals in our offices, such as increasingly using environmentally-friendly cleaning products;
  • Encouraging all our employees to be environmentally responsible and investing in developing capacities of its employees on efficient use of energy, waste reduction, reduction of CO2 emissions and environmental impact;
  • Liaising with the local community and participating in discussions on environmental issues;
  • Aligning with our partners’ environmental policy.

Una Consulting will demonstrate this commitment by making the Environmentally Policy work and reviewing it regularly to take into account changes to environmental legislation and best practices. 

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