Energy efficiency

At a time of steady growth in electricity prices, public utility companies (PUC) face extremely high costs of energy use in the regular provision of water services.

When considering reducing electricity costs, the most common questions are „how to reduce electricity costs?”, „how to achieve the optimum with available equipment?“, „how to improve energy efficiency of existing plants?“, „what measures can be taken to reduce electricity costs?“ as well as a number of other questions.

So far, practice has shown that in many PUCs very little attention is paid to the electricity savings, although these costs in some PUCs are higher than 50% of total PUC costs. This points to the fact that savings in the field of energy efficiency must become an imperative.

Determining the potential for possible energy savings in BiH has become recognizable in the last decade what is reflected in a quite well-regulated legal framework. However, meeting energy efficiency obligations and investing in general energy efficiency improvements are far below real needs due to the lack of enforcement of sanctions for non-compliance with prescribed obligations.

Una Consulting LLC Bihać, as a successful service provider in the field of energy efficiency, is trained to determine the potential for possible savings through a modern approach while promoting examples of good practice and exchange of mutual experiences and knowledge.

In the realization of our service, we use modern equipment for measuring the electrical parameters of the energy system of pumping plants, as well as equipment for hydraulic measurements. Our services are provided by an experienced team of experts from various professions who work together in collaboration with clients, equipment manufacturers and designers.

The success of the provision of services in the field of energy efficiency is reflected in the numerous energy audits of pumping plants throughout BiH so far with the aim of identifying key points and interventions to achieve electricity savings. Improvements have resulted in electricity savings with an average of 20-40%, which has a positive effect on optimizing the operations of PUCs, thus gaining the trust of our clients.

Una Consulting with its services enables PUC to:

  • reduce their electricity needs
  • improve plant performance
  • increase service security
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • increase their reputation
  • improve business efficiency and
  • save money.

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