A team of professional and creative people from "UNA Consulting", who are constantly up to date with new laws and regulations, will make sure that the funds which client invests in the preparation of project documentation or in the construction of infrastructure facilities bring the desired quality.

We are specialized in hydrotechnical infrastructure projects, medium and large such as construction of water supply systems, reconstruction and upgrading of sewage systems, construction of new drainage systems and wastewater treatment, including wastewater treatment plants. We approach each project at a high level in all phases and strive to achieve the maximum, whether it is the development of a conceptual design, study, main project, support in obtaining construction and other permits and the like. Many years of experience in working on projects co-financed by international financial institutions qualifies us for the preparation of project documentation that meets the terms of the contract required by such types of projects (FIDIC contract models, World Bank model, etc.).

Contact us for:

  • Defining the idea: review of existing documentation and conditions, development of conceptual design of projects, visualizations;
  • Preliminary design;
  • Development of a conceptual project and the so-called tender design (for the contract model according to the FIDIC Yellow Book);
  • Development of the main project (for classic contracts and contract models according to the FIDIC Red Book);
  • Preparation of necessary studies;
  • Professional assistance in obtaining approvals, consents and permits, including water acts;
  • Development of detailed projects;
  • Development of as-built projects;
  • Updating and improving existing project documentation;
  • Professional support to investor in all phases of the investment, including the implementation of tenders for the selection of contractors, contracting, the warranty period after the completion of construction, etc.

When designing complex hydraulic structures, we offer design services for all phases: hydraulic, construction, mechanical, electrical, structural, etc.

We have the necessary authorizations for the construction of hydrotechnical facilities in the Federation of BiH and the Republic Srpska, as well as a license for complex water facilities from the "A" list of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry.

Revision of project documentation

It is a common situation that information which requires a change in the project documentation is transmitted to the designer only after the completion of a certain phase or the entire project. In order to avoid such situations that can cause significant increases in investment costs, delays and delays in implementation and the impossibility of obtaining approval, it is necessary to think in time and revise the project documentation.

Instructed by such experiences, "UNA Consulting" offers its audit services already during the preparation of project documentation, and with its expertise to help you and the designer to get the required quality at the end of the design process within the prescribed time.

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