A part of the work for which the client does not disposes of sufficient knowledge, experience and time can be efficiently covered by engaging a consultant specialised in the concerned field of expertise. In that way, the client has his own capacities free for other commitments and can be focused on his basic business.
The consultant should be employed in order to get an objective insight and different view on the issue, and to systematically and comprehensively consider all options. The consultant is of a great assistance to the client, who, based on lessons learned from his own mistakes, should prevent their repetition. 
In situations when a company or an institution cannot find a solution to certain business challenge, it is the time to engage a consultant, who, is typically at least a step ahead regarding following of business trends. Getting a fresh and different view on ones resources and/or business dynamics, will enable the client to make a good analysis and successfully mobilise internal resources and processes. Also a comparison to the business environment and new know-how adopted by the employees provide for client’s new initiatives.
We provide consulting services in the sectors of water and environmental protection, and our clients come from public and private sector.
Specific areas within the scope of our consulting services encompass the following:
  • Strategic planning
  • Development of project proposals and terms of references
  • Project cycle management (PCM)
  • Institutional strengthening of public companies
  • Quality control in public companies.
Our successfully delivered services and our references are a signpost to clients for selection of a good consultant, who will improve their performance and realisation of their business activities and provide added value for each project.

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