Code of Ethics


Una Consulting d.o.o. Bihać (hereinafter: the Company) adopted the Code of Ethics with the aim of formulating clear and unambiguous guidelines and requirements for ethical business, both for the Company and for all those persons who are adequately connected with the Company, in order to protect the values of the Company.

Success is the result of the dedicated work of skilled and creative workers who behave responsibly in their work and adhere to ethical norms. In order to promote established practice, the Company's Management Board has decided to prescribe and implement standard rules of ethics by adopting this Code of Ethics.

The Code of Ethics is the basic system of ethical rules of the Company, and complements the provisions of BiH regulations as well as other internal acts of the Company. The Company's ethical rules represent the direction to be followed during the performance of daily tasks, in relation to colleagues, business partners and other stakeholders in accordance with good business practice and the Company's reputation and its role in the market. The Company expects its employees to behave transparently, honestly and professionally and in accordance with the highest standards of responsible behavior, even in situations that are not specifically regulated by the Code of Ethics.

In its operations, the Company is committed to ensuring lawful operations, which includes compliance with all legal regulations of BiH and other relevant external regulations, internal acts of the Company and contractual obligations. Also, the Company ensures compliance with and application of the anti-corruption law, and has adopted the principle of zero tolerance for corruption and bribery, as well as a clear position on the prohibition and unacceptability of all forms of corruption.

The Company uses all means at its disposal to maintain and further improve its ethical standards of conduct. Namely, transparent operations and work in accordance with standard ethical principles can significantly contribute to increasing the success, competitiveness and domestic and international recognition of the Company.


The professional and motivated team, following European business standards, provides design and consulting services in the water, environmental and communal infrastructure sectors, supporting business partners in achieving their strategic business goals and contributing to the improvement of living conditions and protection of natural resources.


Be a reliable, efficient and development-oriented consultant who will focus all available resources on providing services tailored to business partners and the environment and who will establish itself as a leading service provider in the region in the field of design and consulting services in water and utilities, and environmental protection.


The guidelines and requirements set out in the Code of Ethics determine the obligations for the Management Board and the Supervisory Board of the Company, for the employees of the Company, as well as for other legal and natural persons who are in another obligatory legal relationship with the Company.

All of the above persons must comply with and adhere to the provisions formulated in the Code of Ethics, during the employment or other contractual relationship with the Company, during and outside working hours.

Employees and persons who perform contractual obligations for the Company and during the performance of their activities establish contact with a wide range of existing or potential clients of the Company, perform services on behalf of the Company and clearly appear in public during the performance of contractual obligations as representatives of the Company.

Employees and persons who perform contractual obligations for the Company, accept the Code of Ethics by signing the accompanying statement, which is available as an Annex to this Code of Ethics and forms an integral part thereof.



Diligence, honesty, modesty, teamwork, transparency are the key virtues that are expected of each of our employees.

Every worker is equally important, no matter the job. Company strongly condemns all discrimination and fosters a culture of mutual respect. In relation to workers, special attention is paid to their safety and health, personal and professional development and the application of employment policy according to clear criteria, encouraging an environment in which workers can contribute, and nurture and develop their own innovation and excellence.

Environmental care

Aware of the importance of sustainable business, the Company promotes adherence to stricter technological and environmental standards in order to reduce the risks of negative effects on the environment. The Company's operations are always focused on environmental protection and conservation of natural resources for present and future generations.


At the Company, we are responsible to our clients, employees, business partners, social and natural environment. Understanding customers and ensuring their positive user experience is our priority responsibility. This includes understanding their needs and the associated risks for them and for the Company. We carefully and responsibly build partnerships with those with whom we enter into business relationships. As workers, we have a duty to each other, as well as to all actors, to behave professionally, dedicatedly and to respect each other in our work. We stand for integrity and face challenges bravely.

Honesty and credibility

Honesty and sincerity are the basis of any responsible action. We meet our goals, strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients, business partners, and company as a whole. We participate in the implementation of the Company's strategy and actively advocate for the achievement of strategic goals in the spirit of honesty and credibility.


Open communication and cooperation are the basis of our work. We clearly state what can and cannot be done. We actively seek and give feedback. We share information in a timely and open manner. We give constructive criticism in an honest and fair way. For the benefit of the company we exchange knowledge and learn from each other. Communication is simple and understandable. We work in good faith and professionally with all stakeholders.

Focus on solutions and innovation

We find solutions and solve problems by creating benefits and added value for our customers. We invest in the skills of our workers and the quality of the work environment. We follow modern trends, look for and recognize new and better methods and approaches in providing services and products to customers. Innovation is encouraged at the level of processes, organization and internal action as well as at the level of comprehensive solutions for customers, all in order to improve the user experience (internal and external) of customers, creating added value of our products, services and improving their availability.

Efficiency and simplicity

Efficiency in everyday work is one of our basic goals. We offer our clients innovative and efficient solutions and added value to save them time and energy. We are actively working on optimizing our business processes in order to increase efficiency. This allows us to dedicate more time to our clients.



Honesty and respect among associates

By establishing a safe, stimulating and healthy working environment, we are building a long-term and solid foundation for the Company's operations.

In the Company, we strive for mutual relations based on cooperation, mutual respect, kindness and help. Every employee respects the dignity and personal integrity of associates, motivates them, helps them acquire new skills and knowledge and supports them in personal development and advancement. Every employee of the Company is responsible for acting in accordance with the best standards of professional and responsible conduct.

In the Company, we promote the expression of opinions among employees and open mutual communication.

Pleasant and safe working environment

At the Company, we are committed to staff development because we believe in the competencies, loyalty, integrity and commitment of our employees. Concern for staff development leads to the proper and successful work and development of the Company.

That is why we take care of a safe and friendly work environment and strive to maintain a healthy work environment and respect-based interpersonal relationships.

It is strictly forbidden to consume and / or use alcohol, substances, drugs and / or other hallucinogenic substances at the Company's workplaces, other places and / or on other work-related occasions for the Company and / or during work-related activities, as well as appearing under the influence of the same or performing activities that qualify as abuse of the listed substances (offering, giving, trading, etc.).

All workers must comply with the rules on safety and security at work in accordance with the relevant legal regulations on safety, safety at work and fire protection.

Concern for the protection of personal data of employees

The Company respects the right to privacy and interests of all its employees, so special attention is paid to the protection of personal data of employees.

Every employee is obliged to respect the right to privacy of his associates and access their personal data in accordance with internal rules and good customs.

Business secret

Employees of the Company may not use for personal gain, nor disclose to a third party, any confidential information or in any other way disclose information that is prohibited by law or is a business secret defined as such by the Company, and which is entrusted or some other way became available to the worker. Business secrets are also considered to be data, for which it is obvious that material damage could be caused if unauthorized persons were aware of them.


Employees in the Company understand and accept responsibility for making the right decisions guided by the business interests of the Company. Workers are required to identify, monitor and eliminate potential conflicts of interest.

Conflict of interest arises when the personal activities of employees or their relationships from private life intertwine with the business interests of the Company and therefore affect the objectivity of the employee in making business decisions in the best interests of the Company. Conflicts of interest may expose the Company to legal and / or reputational risks.

Employees in the Company take strict care to avoid this type of conflict of interest and adhere to internal rules that require that we must recognize and properly and effectively manage conflicts of interest (business or private).

Every employee in the Company must focus on detecting, preventing and eliminating conflicts of interest. Within the scope of his duty and decision-making, the employee must always follow the interests of the Company and not his private interests.

In accordance with the provisions of applicable laws and internal acts of the Company, employees must avoid situations of actual conflict of interest, including situations that may appear as a conflict of interest in relation to their position, job and themselves. Employees must refrain from all activities that are contrary to the interests of the Company and / or the interests of clients, and must make decisions in an impartial and objective manner.



Corruption, prohibition of manipulation

Prohibited manipulation is the granting or unauthorized exercise of an advantage or the exercise of an unlawful advantage in exchange for a benefit. No employee or any other person acting on behalf of the Company may offer, promise or make payment or give any other item of a certain value or request or accept such item in order to influence public officials or other persons (or give the impression of such influence) or exercise unfair business advantage.

The aforementioned items of a certain value include financial or other types of benefits, such as, in addition to cash, gifts, credits / loans, guarantees, discounts, honors, services, benefits, job offers, etc. There is no minimum amount or threshold that should exceed the payment provided for the above purposes or a gift in order to qualify it as illegal or contrary to the Code of Ethics.

Also, it is necessary to avoid activities / behavior that arouse suspicion or create the impression that it is corruption and prohibited manipulation.


Giving gifts is often part of the local culture and tradition. Giving gifts during business and customer relationships can contribute to a company’s reputation and establishing good business relationships. It is allowed to give and accept the usual gifts for business purposes.

Workers can give gifts as private individuals at their own expense (e.g. birthday, etc.).


Company strives to create a working environment in which individual differences are accepted and respected. Positive or negative discrimination of any kind based on the actual or presumed characteristics of a person is prohibited, including, but not limited to, race, ethnic origin, color, gender, religion, political or other belief, national or social origin, marital or family status, health condition, etc.


The Company prohibits conduct based on intimidation of employees, especially if the employees are forced to perform actions that are not in accordance with the Company's internal acts or applicable legal regulations.

Any verbal, non-verbal or physical form of behavior that is directed or that results in a violation of a person’s dignity or the creation of a degrading and offensive environment is prohibited.


Protection of the Company's assets

Each employee is responsible for the protection of the total material, financial and other assets of the Company and its clients entrusted to its management. The assets of the Company, clients, and (possibly) other third parties may only be used and used for permitted purposes in accordance with the assigned authorizations and prescribed conditions. Improper management or unauthorized sharing with third parties of asset owned or used by the Company constitutes a breach of obligations to the Company and may even qualify as a criminal offense against the Company. Likewise, negligence, loss or unauthorized use of the Company's assets may constitute a breach of obligations to the Company.

For the purposes of this document, assets include cash, securities, tangible assets (fixed assets, inventory, equipment, etc.), services, business plans, customer data, employees, intellectual property and any other personal data, copyrights and confidential information.

Intellectual property protection                    

Intellectual property created or purchased using the Company's assets becomes the Company's property and cannot be considered private / personal property.

In addition to standard forms of intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks and designs, which protect the products, processes, services, and other assets of the Company, the Company pays special attention to some special forms of intellectual property. These are trade secrets, know-how and confidential information. These forms contain important sources of knowledge in the Company, which are especially valuable for the Company's operations. Know-how and confidential information are not protected by standard intellectual property rights and need special protection (eg information retention agreement).

Confidential information and intellectual property include information obtained in the course of conducting business activities, which relates to:

  1. Negotiations, contracts with business partners, customers and other persons as well as on the business plans of the Company that are not known to the public,
  2. Business transactions that are in progress or forthcoming,
  3. Research, innovation, know-how, unprotected patents,
  4. Data on business partners, clients / customers and employees,
  5. Unpublished information about products / services,
  6. Financial forecasts as well as financial data,
  7. Marketing plans,
  8. Other information that may affect the price of the product / service or planned action.

Employees of the Company are obliged to protect all forms of confidential information and intellectual property of the Company, but also to keep confidential information of business partners obtained in the course of business activities. Otherwise, they are responsible for the damage caused to the Company in terms of disclosure of confidential information.

Employees and members of their families must not use confidential information obtained through their work in the Company, in business opportunities in order to obtain material or intangible benefits for themselves or for related parties, or conceal information obtained that may be relevant to business decision making.


Behavioral requirements

Employees must, in and out of the workplace, refrain from any expression that may adversely affect the Company's reputation.

Employees may participate and express their opinions in any organization (political, religious or cultural) only as private individuals and must refrain from referring to their affiliation with the Company.

Employees may not exercise their right to express themselves in any way that damages the Company's reputation or the legitimate economic or organizational interests of the Company.

Social media

When appearing on social media, employees must refrain from any expression that may adversely affect the Company’s reputation. The Company expects that the Company's employees, when giving statements on social media as private individuals, behave in accordance with and in a manner worthy of the Company's ethical principles, especially when their activities or themselves may be related to the Company in any way or when they may appear act or express opinions on behalf of the Company.

Political engagement

The company respects the right of workers to take up positions in politics and public life, but they can only perform such activities outside their workplace. During the performance of their political activities outside the workplace, employees must not abuse their position in the Company and must refrain from behavior that could have a negative impact on the reputation of the Company.

The Company's resources (human resources, facilities, other assets) must not be used to support political events.


In case of violation of the Code of Ethics, procedures and sanctions are applied in accordance with the principles established by the internal acts of the Company. If an ethical violation is found, the Company initiates proceedings for breach of duty (application of sanctions in accordance with the specific case).

Unfair business practices and misconduct negatively affect the trust of our clients and damage the reputation of the Company, and may expose us to legal measures, fines or other negative consequences. Therefore, all employees of the Company are personally obliged and responsible to act in accordance with applicable regulations and internal rules, and to follow the spirit, purpose and rules set forth in this Code.


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