Asset management

In many years of cooperation with local self-government units and companies from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as SEE, through implementation of various projects, „Una Consulting“ LLC Bihać has developed system solutions that enable the application of modern methods of managing fixed assets owned by LGUs and which are entrusted to the management and maintenance of PUCs they establish. The basic precondition for the application of the asset management system is the establishment of a quality and complete asset database.

Based on a quality and complete database of assets, the prerequisites are met for:

  • determining/reassessing the value of assets,
  • implementation of the procedure of its registration and start of depreciation calculation,
  • correct calculation of fixed assets depreciation and inclusion of the amount of fixed assets depreciation in the price of water services,
  • proper planning, technical and investment maintenance of fixed assets,
  • planning of reconstruction/rehabilitation of fixed assets, which should be financed from the prices of water services.

Client support

The technical support services provided by „UNA Consulting“ for integrated asset management include the following elements:

  • collection and processing of data relevant for the preparation of planning and study-project documentation through: performing field recordings and measurements, collection and analysis of existing planning and study-project documentation,
  • Preparation of project and study documentation,
  • Preparation of project proposals, project tasks, etc.,
  • Collection and processing of data on the existing assets conditions,
  • Implementation of activities in georeferencing and geocoding of bases for mapping (documenting) existing assets (infrastructure),
  • Conducting trainings for PUCs for the purpose of mapping existing assets in AutoCAD and/or Geographic Information System (GIS) including training in GIS management,
  • Development of energy efficiency audits in drinking water supply systems and wastewater treatment plants,
  • Conducting trainings for PUC in strengthening the capacity for operation and maintenance of assets,
  • Symbology for drawing the water supply and sewerage network and instructions for using the symbology in AutoCAD,
  • Support to PUC in drafting maps of primary and secondary water supply and sewerage network, subsequently and tertiary,
  • A glossary of current and investment maintenance, and investments,
  • Instructions for connecting GIS with the business information system (BIS) and management information system (MIS),
  • Tool (application) – „Auxiliary“ book for fixed assets record,
  • Instructions for entering data in the „auxiliary“ book of fixed assets,
  • Advisory support to PUCs for allocating a part of the income to the fund for investment maintenance of fixed assets,
  • Guidelines on best practices in the maintenance and management of PUC assets,
  • Procedure for the transfer of fixed assets from the „auxiliary“ book to the general ledger of fixed assets, which, depending on the organizational form of PUC (LTD/PLC/JSC), allow the registration of fixed assets through: 1) increase of fixed capital, 2) acquisition of funds without compensation (i.e. donation of fixed assets), 3) lease of communal (water) infrastructure, 4) concession of communal (water) infrastructure,
  • Training of LGU and PUC employees for asset management (fixed assets) in PUC through procedure of transfer of fixed assets from the „auxiliary“ book to the general ledger of fixed assets,
  • Comprehensive analysis of legal and regulatory aspects of asset management, as well as analysis of administrative and organizational settings for asset management at LGU level, analysis of existing asset management practices at LGU level and giving recommendations that the LGU should implement in order to improve the way of managing the property it owns and uses to provide services.

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