Support to public sector

The governmental sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially those institutions dealing with the issues of water and environmental protection, is facing very significant changes - from decentralisation of power, inadequate and non-harmonised legal and planning framework, lack of funds for major development and capital ...


Solid waste management

Over the last 10 years in Bosnia and Herzegovina there have been intensive activities on establishing systems of regional solid waste collection. Experience and lessons learnedin the process of establishing and building of regional sanitary landfills for permanent waste disposal, indicate the need for a comprehensive approach ...


Flood control

Nowadays it has become clear that the principle of "fight against floods" that was applied so far must be replaced by the principle of "living with floods". It is the new integral concept of flood control, which fits into the concept of sustainable development supported by the European Commission through ...


Water protection

In the recent years, in B&H and other countries of the region, projects of construction of sewerage systems (including wastewater treatment plant) and addressing the issue of collection of stormwater have become very topical. Since those projects require considerable funds, which cannot be ensured through budgets of ...


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