A part of the work for which the client does not disposes of sufficient knowledge, experience and time can be efficiently covered by engaging a consultant specialised in the concerned field of expertise. In that way, the client has his own capacities free for other commitments and can be focused on his basic business.   The ...


Project management

Realisation of each project is preceded by preparation, planning and approval. Only after approval of financing, we start the realisation. Our team of experts is ready to offer services for both the preparation and planning phase and the implementation phase of large infrastructure projects of water supply and collection ...


Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies are necessary and mandatory documents in communication with investor/financier at any level. Self-sustainability of a project in financial and technical-technological respect is an eliminating factor when taking decision about project financing. Only a well-developed feasibility study can make your ...


Strategic planning

Strategic development plans are key documents for future development. Without strategic plans, which are developed by all actors of a society, one cannot talk about vision and strategy of community development. Active citizen participation is a key element in the entire process of the plan development and implementation    Strategic ...


Institutional strengthening

Institutional strengthening of public utilities and waterworks aims at improving operational and economic efficiency as well as strengthening of financial self-sustainability of the public companies.    In the application field it brings new quality because it encompasses defined technology of measures for ...


GIS and databases

Geographic Information System (GIS) consolidates hardware, software, data and human resources for manipulations, analysis and presentation of spatial information.   GIS presents geographic phenomena on the computer. It is used for visualisation, analysis, planning and processing of data about our environment. Data ...


Training and education

Today, employers are aware that by continuous training and education of their employees they ensure upgrading, not only of their knowledge, but of the whole business. According to client’s specific needs, "UNA Consulting" team creates and caries out educational programmes that contribute to upgrading ...


Supervision and audit

The team of professional and creative people from "UNA Consulting", who are permanently following up new laws and regulations, will take care that funds invested by a client in the development of project documents or in the construction of infrastructure result in desired quality.   First law of audit: Information ...


Monitoring and evaluation

According to the rules of the Project Cycle Management (PCM) and procedures of the European Union, Monitoring and Evaluation are an integral part of any Project Cycle Management process.   Monitoring and evaluation allow for results-based management.    Monitoring is a continuous follow-up of ...


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