Una Consulting together with the partner company Fichtner WT successfully conducted a workshop on FIDIC Contractual procedures for representatives of the Project Implementation Unit of the Wastewater Collection and Treatment Gradiška.

On December 2, 2021, the Resource Centre and Consultancies for Water and Environment „UNA Consulting“ Ltd in a consortium with the German company Fichtner Water and Transportation held a one-day workshop on FIDIC Contractual procedures. The emphasis was on the practical application of the FIDIC contract model, especially the so-called "Pink" and "Yellow" books that will be used when contracting works on the project of Wastewater Collection and Treatment Gradiška. The workshop was attended by representatives of the City Goverment of Gradiška and PUC "Vodovoda" Jsc Gradiška, including members of the Project Implementation Unit of the Wastewater Collection and Treatment Gradiška.

The objective of the workshop was for participants to understand why a fair and widely accepted form of contract is a prerequisite for a successful project. At the end of the workshop, participants remembered the basic principles of FIDIC contracts and the rights and obligations of the contracting parties, the Employer and the Contractor. Special emphasis is placed on claim procedures as they are crucial for understanding the claims of the contracting parties either in terms of costs or time of realization. After the workshop, participants learned the basic principles for proper and successful application.

The workshop was conducted by experienced trainers and experts in FIDIC contract procedures, Mr. Michael Uhlich, on behalf of Fichtner Water and Transportation and Ms. Aida Jusufhodžić on behalf of Una Consulting. In addition to theoretical lectures, participants were given numerous examples of contracts that have already been implemented according to these models in BiH and other countries, as well as case studies and practical exercises.

Knowledge of FIDIC contractual procedures is extremely important for the successful implementation of projects financed by international financial institutions. Funding for this project is provided through grants from German bilateral cooperation, with KfW as a funding agency and with funding from the The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), and through local contributions.

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