Una Consulting successfully implemented the 1st phase of the MEG project in BiH

During the four-year implementation of the Municipal Environmental and Economic Governance Project - MEG (2017 - 2020), "Una Consulting" Ltd. Bihać has successfully implemented support activities for 18 local governments (LGUs) and their public water supply / utility companies (PUCs) in the following areas of improvement:

  • Support to local self-government units in order to raise awareness and improve their capacity to meet legal obligations to provide quality water services to their citizens,
  • Level of operational autonomy of the PUCs, including PSA
  • Organizational structure of PUCs
  • Employees - number of employees, job description and performance evaluation,
  • Relationships with service users,
  • Mapping the water supply network,
  • Effective zoning of the water supply network,
  • Program for measuring flow and pressure in the water supply system,
  • Non-revenue water management,
  • Tariff policy or method of determining tariffs and procedures for adopting tariffs,
  • Collection and revenue, invoicing cycle,
  • Accounting procedures and MIS (Management Information System),
  • Budgeting and business planning,
  • Financial management, ie procedures for the implementation of the Public Procurement Law and procedures for internal work orders,
  • Asset management (inventory, ownership, infrastructure depreciation),
  • Quantity and quality of water in the water supply system,
  • Energy efficiency in PUCs

The project included the following local self-government units (LGUs) and JVP / JKP:

  • Northwest cluster LOT 1 - for 9 local self-government units and PUC: Bihać, Bosanska Krupa, Cazin, Gradiška, Kozarska Dubica, Kostajnica, Prijedor, Sanski Most, Velika Kladuša and
  • Northeast cluster LOT 2 - for 9 local self-government units and public utility companies / public utility companies: Doboj, Tuzla, Gradačac, Žepče, Tešanj, Teslić, Prnjavor, Kalesija, Gračanica.

All 18 public water supply / utility companies that participated in the implementation of the 1st phase of the MEG project gave a recommendation to Una Consulting for successfully performed tasks during the MEG project implementation period, in terms of quality of services provided, timeliness and overall approach to project activities as and cooperation achieved within the implementation.

It is important to emphasize that this project provided all the mentioned PUCs with the opportunity and support to improve the management of the quality of public services at the local level, with a special focus on the water services sector in the next 10 years. Many PUCs have used their participation in the MEG Project to significantly improve their operational and financial performance.

Una Consulting has many years of experience and practice in working with partners at the local, cantonal, entity and state levels in BiH, but also a partnership and network of associates in Southeast Europe.

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