Twelve years of Una Consulting

Resource Centre and Consultancies for Water and Environment "Una Consulting" Ltd. has been developing its experience, quality and professionalism in the sectors of water, environment and communal infrastructure for many years.

The company started its activities in 1997 as the "Program Office of IBG Ltd." and in the period until 2006 implemented projects for rehabilitation of communal infrastructure, devastated during the war, and institutional strengthening of communal enterprises in the river Una basin. As 2006 company has been working as the Association for Environmental Protection and Improvements" Una-Sana" and until 2010 together with the municipalities of the river Una basin implements the Governance Project in Municipal Water and Environmental Development ‘’GOV-WADE’’, supported by the partners from Switzerland.

On February 1, 2010, the Association "Una-Sana", with ten partners from BiH and Switzerland, established the Resource Centre and Consultancies for Water and Environment  "UNA Consulting" with the aim of providing consulting and design services to improve the water sector and environmental protection.

Una Consulting employs experts specializing in water supply, wastewater collection and treatment, asset management, non-revenue water, water safety planning, disaster risk reduction, energy efficiency and more. We nurture teamwork, cooperation and a multidisciplinary approach in the design and implementation of projects and activities, but we also support individual capacity development because only capable and motivated employees achieve high goals. We offer opportunities to young professionals by integrating them into our team and encouraging their development and specialization.

Above all, Una Consulting continues to implement demanding projects in BiH and the region and is committed to improving the water and environmental sector, both infrastructure and legislation, making its knowledge and experience available to all actors in the sector.

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