Celebrating 60 years of Vodovod Prijedor

On March 21, 2022, the director of Una Consulting Ltd Sandi Zulić, received a plaque for exceptional engagement and special contribution to Vodovod Prijedor on the occasion of 60 years of work and existence of Vodovod.

The plaque was presented at the solemn academy, as part of which the promotion of the monograph "60 years of Vodovod Prijedor" was held. During its existence, Vodovod Prijedor has come a long way from the beginning of the construction of an organized water supply system to a modern and efficient company.

On that occasion, Vodovod Jsc Prijedor presented plaques as an expression of respect and gratitude to all those who contributed to this company to improve its capacity and successfully, for many years, fulfills its main role, ie supplies the population with drinking and safe water.

Director of Una Consulting, Mr. Zulic had the honor to address the audience in front of all the award winners. Mr. Zulić pointed out that the most significant capital of this company is capacity development and young staff currently employed, and commented on the importance of the reform of the water services sector in which the City of Prijedor is one of the initiators. Mr. Zulić wished the company successful work in the future, thanked on behalf of all award winners and congratulated the World Water Day to all employees in the water services sector in BiH.

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