Design, consulting and technical assistance, technical investigations and analysis, GIS services, development and management of databases in the sectors of water, environment and communal infrastructure


Experiences and results of support in calculation of tariff of water services

Una Consulting LLC Bihać has extensive experience in the implementation of capacity development projects and improvement of the operations of public utility companies (PUCs) and local government units (LGUs), especially through the implementation of financial and operational improvement programs (FOPIP). Applying ...

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Asset Management results in LGUs and PUCs

Asset management - communal water infrastructure (water supply and sewerage systems) management in Bosnia and Herzegovina is entrusted to public water utilities (PUCs) by their founders - local governments (municipalities and cities). In most PUCs, the entire municipal communal water infrastructure - fixed assets ...

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Sustainable Human Resource Management in LGUs and PUCs

Achievements accomplished by Una Consulting in the field of innovation for human resources management in LGUs and PUCs Human resource management represents a discipline which deals with a comprehensive view of the issues of human resources management in the organization - from planning the needs for them, their ...

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Successes in monitoring and evaluating KPIs in PUCs

Experience and results of supporting public utility companies in monitoring and evaluating key performance indicators Monitoring key performance indicators (KPI) in public utility companies (PUCs) is activity of great importance for planning, implementation and evaluation of activities and processes which are ...

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Successes in non-revenue water management in water supply companies

High level of non-revenue water has been recognized by many experts and practitioners in water supply field as one of the key problems that has significant impact on operational sustainability of public utility company (PUC) performance. Level of non-revenue water is important indicator of every PUC’s operational ...

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Energy efficiency of pumping plants operated by public utilities / water companies

Implementations of appropriate measures, electricity consumption in public utilities companies (PUC) worldwide could be reduced by at least 30%.   Unfortunately, relatively small attention has been given to saving energy in (PUC) worldwide.   In the cost structure, price of electricity consumption ...

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Professional and motivated team, following European business standards, provides design services and consulting in the sectors of water, environmental protection and communal infrastructure supporting its business partners in attaining their strategic business goals and contributing to improvement of the living conditions of citizens and protection of natural resources.


Be reliable, efficient and development-oriented consultant, who will focus all its available resources on delivery of services adapted to business partners and environment and who will impose itself as a leading service provider in the region for designing and consulting services in the sectors of water and communal infrastructure and preservation of environment.

„Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.“ (Japanese proverb)